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Alliance Work

We are currently working on getting some of the alliance pages updated. Iv recent added a new "Type" field to all alliances which im updating a lot depending on how i want it to look. This will appear as a lot of updates to all the alliances, so it might fill up the changes lot a tad.

If you want to do some work, you could do some by:

  • Updating the alliance List
  • Writing some history of the alliance
  • Adding a description of the alliance

Notes regarding plagerism

By adding content to the wikia you agree to the content liscence. Copying someone elses word without asking IS plagerism. We shouldnt be doing this becuase it can cause problems later on. Ideally Alliance descriptions should be written by their respective alliance leader, and its best if they can upload it themselves. But it is easy enough if you ask permission to use their description (normally found in the forum somewhere) in the wikia, and link to the post.

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