First Level DescriptionEdit

Animated Tree I

Animated Tree I

"The soul of an age old warrior rests within these bits of bone and armor. His essence has not passed on to the other world, staying here to guard those who he serves. Disorientation and confusion surrounds this spirit, however, for he is not yet used to his corporeal form. Yet, given time, he may grow to be a powerful defensive unit that can sway the outcome of a battle. Defensive entity, can protect your units and will be able to regenerate them at higer stages. This unit enhances regeneration skill of all creatures in the ritual by 1 point and more at later levels, turning it into a powerfull skill booster."


Basic Style: Supporter

Levels: 5

Location Bought: Loreroot - Raven's Peace

Creature Id: 11

First Level Creature StatisticsEdit

Vital Energy: 1000
Power: 20
Defence: 5
Initiative: 1

Recruitment StatisticsEdit

Action Points: 30
Value Points: 300
Sacrificed Vitality: 3000
Exploring Points: 1

Author's CommentsEdit

One of the few simple supporters you can find. Trees help you to defend your precious weaklings, and boost the regenerative abilities of their team to help them heal. Upgrading them is rather tough, but they are worth the trouble.