Snowmen are creatures that morph, meaning that at a certain level it can morph to a different creature. The process is reversible and it is called "melting".

Currently there are 12 different varieties of snowmen available.

Note: the snowmen creatures were created based on drawings of Akasha. For this she was given the full batch of snowmen.

Morph names (thank you Dst): Edit

  • Snowy The Snowman
  • Reiny The Snowman
  • Betty The Snowwoman
  • Ed The Snowman
  • Jimmy The Snowman
  • Helga The Snowwoman
  • Fritz The Snowman
  • Greg The Snowman
  • Jeff The Snowman
  • Frosty The Snowman
  • Skinny The Snowman
  • Fatty The Snowman


Each year, since 2011, on July 14th, the snowmen melt which allows them to be traded by resetting them back to their first form.

Ann. 1929 - [2011-07-14 07:14:02 - Stage 10] - Permalink - Posted By System

All snowmen have melted!

Achievement Edit

Ann. 2580 - [2013-05-13 01:37:39 - Stage 11] - Permalink - Posted By Council

According to announcement 1930, whoever is the first to attain 12 snowmen will get them transformed into one of each of the evolutions, normally they are morphed randomly. Dst achieved this after the 8th MD Birthday and has therefore had her snowmen transformed. This feat took 1 year, 9 months and 11 days to achieve and contact us.