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No Man's Land is the land lying between the 4 Main Lands.


Technically, there can't be an alliance in No Man's Land, so instead there is the special construct of the socalled Established Housing.

File:Defenders of Bob.gif
Defenders of Bob

Areas of Importance[]

Here are a number of locations which are important to No Man's Land and the wider community.

Gazebo of Equilibrium[]

The center of all things lies in the exact middle of the map. There are many theories about its behavior and appearance, but here are a few basic things it does:
It serves as portal to various places if you tap the pillars in the correct order.
It's also the end of the portal that is opened by the GoE-spell, so you might end up there more often than you like. During the Christmas Festival, the Gazebo gets replaced by a christmas tree and presents, which you can at times catch a glimpse of if you have a slow connection. If you run by and see a tree, don't worry, your eyes are fine.

Fenth's Press[]

This the only altar that is always available, all the others are deeper in the lands and much harder to reach. As such, Fenth's Press has a special importance.

Paper Cabin[]

The starting area is located on the edge of No Man's Land, as far as possible from the Main Lands. This is to make sure that the people who enter the realms are as uninfluenced as possible.

The Aramory[]

The recruitment spot of No Man's Land. Home of the Aramor Family, Grasan Family and Barren Soul Family.

Beserkers Way[]

This sanctuary next to the Gazebo of Equilibrium holds an interesting puzzle which is usually called the Berserker Egg or the Berserker Device, an official name to the puzzle is not defined.

It's the first of the few in-game quests you can attempt. You need pen and paper to solve it, else you'll only run in circles.

Upon opening this device, something will happen in the Marble Dale Park and you'll find an important doorway.