mdsi_item_heat - Gets information about the heat stored in the item.


array mdsi_item_heat()

Gets information about the current heat stored in the item

Return Values

Returns a array with current heat and the list of players that have supplied heat.
The return array is in this form:
array(2) {

["current"]=> total heat
["players"]=> array(
["player name1"]=> heat stored by player,
["player name2"]=> heat stored by player,
["player name3"]=> heat stored by player,
["player namen"]=> heat stored by player


example #1

//Shows how much heat is in the item.
@va = mdsi_item_heat();
echo 'The box has ' . @va['current'] . ' heat in it';


example #2

//Makes a list of players that stored heat in the item and how much.
@vp = mdsi_item_heat();
foreach(@vp['players'] as @vk => @vh){
	echo @vk . ' has stored ' . @vh . ' heat<br>';
echo 'In total ' . count(@vp['players']) . ' have stored heat in talisman';


The function is intended for item use only (hence the mdsi) but can be used in any clickable at present.

See Also

  • mds_player_heat()- Gets the player's active heat count
  • mdsi_takeheat()- Takes heat from the player's active heat and stores it in the item.
  • mds_is_itc()- Gets information about the item corresponding to the transfer code

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