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MagicDuel Wiki is an encyclopedia covering everything concerning the popular online RPG MagicDuel. Anyone can edit or contribute to this project, so let's get rolling and make this the best MD resource on the web!

MagicDuel is a free, online flash-based RPG which you can play directly from your browser. There are countless games of this sort, but MD is a little bit special. Featuring custom-drawn artwork, a game world which constantly changes around you and a world which you can actually change through your actions, MagicDuel combines everything from tactics to roleplay to an extent not often seen in the world of free online games.

Please note, this Wiki is not affiliated with MagicDuel in any way. This is a completely player-made resource which will contain minor spoilers. However, these spoilers will be limited in a way so that nothing is spoilt entirely.

When Editing, keep in mind that all of the infomation found herein should be infomation which is freely available to any player.