Legend Speakers
Legend Speakers
Alliance Land: MagicDuel Archives
Alliance Leader: Fyrd Argentus
Alliance Seats: 10
Alliance Type: Normal

This alliance is currently hibernated.

Alliance Description:Edit

The charter purpose of the Legend Speakers is to preserve the culture and stories of MD.

From time to time, Story Night or other similar events are hosted to encourage this.

Under the leadership of Fyrd Argentus, there has been an effort to document news of events and players of historic interest to the readers, which try to give a better insight into what goes on politically behind the scenes. In this way, MD can come alive to a new generation of players.

But all this must take a back seat to the looming shadow of extinction. The primary purpose of all those who love MD should be to make the realm a more interesting and enjoyable place, in hopes of breathing new life into all that we do. And so quests, contests, and other activities that promote the general welfare and wellbeing of the realm are encouraged. If you seek a NEUTRAL alliance to work for the general good, consider Legend Speakers.

- revised by F.A. 24th April, 2012