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Description: I know what you did last summer
Alliance: Shattered Illusions
Land Affiliation: Underground
Special Abilities: Log Access

Dst is the head of the Shattered Illusions, having being given the alliance for all her nefarious deeds.

She was a member of the Bug Team during the time it was created.

She was voted "Cuddliest LHO"[1].

Trust Points: 5/5 - Regen Interval: Every Six months from 20 Dec 2011.
Based on previous activity in detecting abuses, dst's trust points for this public role started at 5.


Ann. 2580 - [2013-05-13 01:37:39 - Stage 11] - Permalink - Posted By Council

According to announcement 1930, whoever is the first to attain 12 snowmen will get them transformed into one of each of the evolutions, normally they are morphed randomly. Dst achieved this after the 8th MD Birthday and has therefore had her snowmen transformed. This feat took 1 year, 9 months and 11 days to achieve and contact us.