The Bring In spell can be cast on multiple individuals and transport all named people to the location of the caster. It is also sometimes referred to as Summon.

It can be cast by writing the spell words in chat followed by the names of the players to be transported, with the option of putting a hyphen (-) in between the spell words and names. The names should be separated by comma's (,) to distinguish between player names.

Variants of the SpellEdit

There are several different types of the Bring In spell.

Land based Bring In Edit

All monarchs of one of the Main Lands are given 4 casts of a land based Bring In spell. All former monarchs have 2 casts of the spell. The land based Bring In spell allows the caster to summon another player, given that both the caster and the target are part of the land to which the spell belongs.

Tag Based Bring In Edit

Another variation is summoning players by their tag which would work in the same way though the players tag should be specified, rather than their name.

Personal Bring In Edit

There are also variations of the spell which are targetted only at the player named in the altered spell name - bringin_grido for instance would bring only the player Grido to the location of the caster.