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Sky Army Sky Army 24 October 2012

Eagle Eye

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Chewett Chewett 7 April 2012

Alliance Work

We are currently working on getting some of the alliance pages updated. Iv recent added a new "Type" field to all alliances which im updating a lot depending on how i want it to look. This will appear as a lot of updates to all the alliances, so it might fill up the changes lot a tad.

If you want to do some work, you could do some by:

  • Updating the alliance List
  • Writing some history of the alliance
  • Adding a description of the alliance

By adding content to the wikia you agree to the content liscence. Copying someone elses word without asking IS plagerism. We shouldnt be doing this becuase it can cause problems later on. Ideally Alliance descriptions should be written by their respective alliance leader, and its best if they can upload it themselv…

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Chewett Chewett 12 November 2011

Notes for New Editors

Welcome if you are a new editor! This wikia is community run for the community. If you feel something is wrong, or something can be improved on, do it!

However there are some points to note.

Before editing a page, check the talk page, This is on the top of the page, with a Number and "Talk" next to it. This will be talking about the page, anything you might need to note. There might be a discussion point regarding what you want to post, So check first.

Also, if you are unsure about some point or other, post it up on the talk page when you make an edit. Then you can talk with others on the subject.

Spoilers are mainly a no no on this site, if you are unsure if something is allowed or not you can contact me and ask me.

And finally, accept advice …

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Chewett Chewett 26 October 2011

Imposter Admin!

Imposter Admin!

Today someone told me that someone was pretending to be me on this wiki!

Very funny, But no, it is me Chewett! My Wookie powers should surely shine through?

Chewett 07:27, October 26, 2011 (UTC)

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Chewett Chewett 21 August 2011

New Forum Section

i have created a new forum section here This is to be used for any discussions related to specific general points when editing certain articles. This should be the place to dicuss specific points on large topics such as creatures, stats.

Remember that the pages Talk page should be used to discuss specific points regarding a single page. This forum should be used for points that affect multiple pages


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Chewett Chewett 11 August 2011

British English Vs American

So, The wiki needs to pick a standard, and since im going to be writing a large majority of the articles i would like your opinion on the matter.

Which do you think the wiki should use, American English or British English?

My personal opinion is that we go with British English, as the game is primarily in this.

Comments on this, should of course go in the comments section. Thanks!

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Chewett Chewett 7 August 2011

Section Editors

I am currently looking for a few editors to handle specific sections, These are at current

  • Bestiary
  • Alliances
  • Stats
  • History

Currently all sections are created except history which i am currently working on.

These editors would co ordinate the edits made on these pages, so that the changes are uniform.

If there is a section that you want to edit that is not on the above list, or that you want to help edit one of the above sections, make a comment on the blog post!


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Chewett Chewett 7 August 2011

New Administrator

The Magicduel Wikia has a New Admin!


I hope that i can further improve this wikia with my new powers, any questions feel free to ask them on my talk page.

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Chewett Chewett 4 August 2011

List of Created Orphaned paegss

This is a list of pages that i have created that currently should probably be moved to the main page, or that i need to work into other pages better.

Server Time
Torch Contest

Chewett 21:50, August 4, 2011 (UTC)

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