First Level DescriptionEdit

Heretic Archer

Heretic Archer

"His eyes are forever shrouded with dark hatred. His life has been nothing but anger and loss and he has found solace in but one thing: combat. The Gods that roam the skies and shower other with their miracles have only left pain and anguish for him. The Heretic Archer forsakes these Gods with every arrow he lets fly. His loyalty is not pricy and he is weak still, but he will grow into a true monster. Every moment spent serving you gives him the power he needs to defy the Gods."


Basic Style: Offensive

Levels: 6

Location Bought: Marind's Bell - Wind's Crossing

Creature Id: 21

First Level Creature StatisticsEdit

Vital Energy: 400
Attack: 25
Defence: 5
Initiative: 2

Recruitment StatisticsEdit

Action Points: 10
Value Points: 400
Sacrificed Vitality: 100
Exploring Points: 1

Author's CommentsEdit

Versatile creature for starters. Grows fast on the early stages and learns more targeting options than the Aramor. His ultimate strength comes with high upgrade requirements, you'll need to wait a bit before his full potential comes forth.